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11am to 7pm daily

We offer an outdoor super-olympic-sized pool with a large tree-shaded picnic and recreational area.  Pool members enjoy full unlimited access to the pool throughout the summer for family swims, swim-lap exercise and social gatherings such as pool-side picnics, birthday parties and other family gatherings. The youth programs at our pool and our tennis facilities offer a great alternative to sending your children away to camp during the summer.

Our Family Pool Memberships includes two adults, their dependent children, who are permanently residing together as a single family/household, and in lieu of parents the child's 16+yr babysitter.  Out of state visiting relatives are free when accompanied by the member.  To sign up you can email, mail or drop your applcation off at the club; cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

OPEN SWIM.....Everyday 11am to Dusk 
(Note: if during Open Swim you wish to lap swim, and there are no lane bouys in place, please let the lifeguard on duty know and they will roll one out)

JUNE 17th-JULY 23rd, 2019!
SWIM TEAM PRACTICE IS EVERY MONDAY THRU FRIDAY!  Eligible only to those who have purchased a "Pool Membership", OR a special "Swim Team Only Membership".  To join the team, you must be between ages of 6-17 and be able to swim a length of the pool with rotary breathing (front crawl).

* All swimmers are expected to attend all meets BUT not required
* Cost: $200-first child, $100-each additional sibling

  1. June 22nd @ Pine Orchards 
  2. June 29th @ HOME Vs Guilford
  3. July 2nd   @ Westbrook YMCA
  4. July 11th  @ HOME Vs North Haven Lawn Club
  5. July 13th  @ Milford Yacht Club
  6. July 23rd  @ Paradise Swim Club (CHAMPIONSHIPS)
For the home meets all families must do their best to volunteer to help out during the swim meet (concessions, card handout, scoring, timing, running food duty, etc.  The more people that sign-up the less "Work" each person actually has to do.

Every week after the 10am practice.  Families are in charge of supplying a topping to share.  Cost $2 each.


The team will be going to Watch Hill, R.I. for the day!  If you are a working parent, please reach out to another family to take your children as this is a really fun day that no one should miss.  I'm sure a couple of families will have some extra room.  On a similar note, this is not an event where children should be attending without an adult.  The waves can be very large and every kid needs to be accounted for by an adult.  All Age groups will have practice between 8:30am-9:30am and then everyone will meet at the beach, this way there will be plenty of time to get their and park.  All swimmers must be with an adult who they checked in with.

Please send your child with shirts or whatever they would like to cover in dye.

Children are allowed to bring their own floats this night and sit on them while we watch a movie in the pool!  All family members are welcomed.

We will be having a fun practice!  The big kids will go from 9am to 10am and little kids at the same time as always 10am-11am.

GROUP SWIM LESSONS (Monday thru Thursday)
June 17th thru August 15th, 2019
We offer weekly group lessons in the mornng.  Each session consists of (4) 30-minute group lessons.  Students may be beginners unable to swim at all or advanced swimmers.  Common student goals include becoming comfortable in water, learning basic strokes, improving swimming techniques or training for an event. 

1)SWIM BASICS: 11:15am-11:45am
Equal to level 1 & 2 at the YMCA.  Students learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency. * Children must be toilet trained and be at least 3-1/2 years old. 
2)SWIM STROKES: 11:50am-12:20pm
Equal to level 3 & 4 at the YMCA.  Students learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance, also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action and build stroke technique.

Private lessons offer one-on-one learning between the student and the swim instructor. Individual private lessons cost more because they account for the time the teacher is devoting to one student rather than other group-oriented opportunities. Students also get more personalized instruction and attention.  Students may organize private group instruction, hiring a swim teacher for a group of children or adults.

General Rules: Classes will be cancelled for thunder or lightning (not for rain or cold temperatures).  Children taking lessons must exit the pool area following their lesson unless they are accompanied by a parent with a Swim Family Membership unless a guest pass is purchased.

To sign up for swim lessons, call, stop by, or email the club for the week(s) desired).  

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