Club: (860) 388-5115
Tennis Director: (860) 510-2596
The ProShop at the Old Saybrook Racquet Club offers a wide variety of tennis merchandise to serve the needs of club members and all of Southeastern, CT tennis enthusiasts.  We are open 7-days a week during club hours, and it is always best to call ahead when coming very early or late.
The proprietor is an authorized dealer of Babolat, Wilson, Gamma, Solinco, and Mazuno products. Head, Prince and other brands are also offered. Demo racquets are available in many of these brands.
A complete racquet stringing service on electronic constant tension string machines is offered with most string types including natural gut, mono-filaments, multi-filaments, polyester and other synthetic guts.  Brands such as Babolat, Gamma, Luxillon, and Solinco, as well as many others, are readily available.  Racquet re-gripping and weight & balance customization is also offered.  All these services may be available within a 24-hour time span.
Mike Abate, our Tennis Director-Head Pro and proprietor, can answer all your questions about the many products and services available in the ProShop as well as special order products you may not see.  Feel free to contact Mike by phone, text or email.

Mike D. Abate
Phone: 860-510-2596
Email: mdabate10s4u@att.net

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