January 7th thru March 9th 2020

We offer a wide variety of day and time options for our 2020 Winter Junior Tennis programs which is designed for children 5 to 18 years of age.  Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, High School & USTA Tournament Players will all find training options and competition play at the Old Saybrook Racquet Club.  Tennis Brochure (Click here)

High School students are welcomed in any of the ACADEMY & HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPETITON play times.  

We also offer clinics for our 5-7 year old players learning to play the sport or for our future stars working on getting to the next level.  

We will always try to place each student in the best learning environment, and try to divide by age and skill level, so having flexibility as far as days and times will be helpful.  

Our youngest players will learn and practice all stroke techniqes, footwork and accuracy.  A variety of fun and skill building games will be used to boost learning and enjoyment. The younger players will be progressing from the red to orange to green balls to enhance their improvement.

For our older and more skilled players our curriculum is designed to improve their singles and doubles skills to best prepare them for high school and tournament tennis..  Topics include: point construction, how to finish points, doubles tactics and strategy, working better as a team, tennis fitness, developing a more consistent and impacting serve, recognizing and taking advantage of offensive situations, and learing how to defend. Competition on the team, league and ladder will provide play options for the intermediate and advanced players.

10% Discount is being offered for additional siblings (discount will be applied to the lower price sibling).

Please feel free to call, text or email our Head Pro-Director of Tennis if your need help in choosing from the many offerings.
Mike D. Abate

OSRC offers private and group lessons to fit the needs of players from novice through advanced tennis skill levels.  Mike Abate our Head Pro has been instructing and coaching for over three decades.  

 A great way to get an athletic workout while improving your skills.
  • Beginner..................Learn specific technique and proper fundamental skills
  • Intermediate............Hone skills for increased competition
  • Advanced................Isolate aspects of the players game to continue advancement of individual's skills
 For group lesson rates please see Lessons and Clinics for more information.

ADULT OPEN & POINT-PLAY CLINICS- Download Adult Clinic Brochure in PDF
Looking to improve your racquet skills? Coming back to tennis after a long hiatus? Taking up tennis for the first time?  If any of these questions apply to you, then our adult tennis clinics are for you. The clinics, in addition to improving your game, are a fun way to get some exercise and socialize with other players.

Clinics are open to everyone and the cost is the same for members and non-members. Please call ahead to reserve a spot as these clinics are very popular.
             DAYS               TIME (1:15)              RATE 
Tuesdays 5:45pm-7:00pm $25
Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:15pm $25
Wednesdays 5:45pm-7:00pm $25
Thursdays 5:45pm-7:00pm $25
Thursdays 7:00pm-8:15pm $25
Saturdays 11:45pm-1:00pm $25
Saturdays 1:00pm-2:15pm $25
Saturdays 2:15pm-3:30pm $25
        The spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Twice a week we offer a year-round drop-in men's round robin. This is a great way to enjoy doubles match play with many different players at a variety of playing levels. If you are new to the area, it’s also a great way to meet other players at your level with whom you might form a regular game.  To participate, simply walk in during the time of the round robin and register with our desk personnel. They will work you into match play.
  • MONDAYS...........5:45pm to 9:30pm
  • SUNDAYS............8:00am to 12:00pm
Members: 1.5 Units per day year round
Non Member: $20 Summer(5/1-9/30), $30 Fall/Winter (10/1-5/31) 

The USTA is the largest recreational tennis league where local club players 18 and over can compete in match play.  We offer our members many divisional Adult USTA teams that compete in the Eastern Connecticut Shoreline region. Our club divisional teams reflect the interest of our more competitive club members. Matches are played on weekends, promote camaraderie and teamwork.
Below are our Divisional Teams that are currently underway.  The match calendar is located on our HOME page.  If you are interested in joining one or more of our USTA teams please contact the acting captain.  To play on a team you will need to have a USTA Membership good through August 2020, and a 2020 Old Saybrook Racquet Club Unit Membership.  Note: A non-member may play on an OSRC USTA Team between March 1st and April 30th for a fee of $20 per match date played (home or away).  Captains are responsible for collecting this fee for away matches.  If they wish to continue playing May through September 30th, then one of the unit Summer Tennis Membership types must be purchased.  All USTA teams have direct oversite by our Tennis Director, Mike D. Abate.  If you are unsure of your rating, you may want to have an evaluation by our Pro Mike Abate who will assess your playing level.  Please email the club if you are interested in playing on one or more teams. 

 3.0 Women  MaryBeth Giles
 Carolyn Katz
 3.5 Women  Susan Potter
 Beverly Costello
 4.0 Women  Mary O'Neil
 6.0 Women  Carolyn Katz
 7.0 Women  Susan Potter
 Beverly Costello
 8.0 Women  Beverly Costello
 3.0 Men  Mike D. Abate
 3.5 Men  Mike D. Abate
 4.0 Men  Kirk Lowry
 4.5 Men  Joe Trausch
 7.0 Men  Mike D. Abate
 6.0 Mixed  Mike D. Abate
 7.0 Mixed  Mike D. Abate

Please see Membership and Rates for more information.

Thames Valley is a summer adult tennis league that includes teams from the Old Saybrook Racquet Club and surrounding towns and clubs. The season is May through July with match play on weekday evenings.  

Old Saybrook Racquet Club Members will have 2 units deducted for each home match played, but no assessment or fees will be applied for away matches.  Non-Members may play on the Thames League Team but must pay $20 for each home and each away match played.  Captains will be responsible for collecting an OSRC Thames Valley Registration form and any applicable match and ball fees.  If the captain fails to collect such fees, the captian(s) may be invoiced those charges.  Non-OSRC members playing a Thames League match will NOT be allowed to use another member's units as payment.  Ball Fees: $3.25 Singles, $1.63 Doubles.
If you are interested in joining any of our Thames Valley teams please contact one of our team captains listed below.
MEN’S "A"                                   MEN’S "B"                                          WOMEN’S OPEN
Joseph Trausch                           Kirk Lowry                                        Robin Batchelder
Phone: 860-326-9075                  Phone: 860-510-2944                        Phone: 860-575-3197
Email:    Email:       Email:

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